Misal FinGerm

Robotic Keypad Cleaner

What is Fingerm?

Misal FinGerm Robotic Keypad Cleaner disinfects any card payment keyboard in five seconds. After the customer makes the payment FinGerm starts the cycle of disinfection when no person is around. One cycle takes approximately five seconds in which the dosage is enough to inactivate 99.9 percent of bacteria and viruses. If a person approaches while FinGerm is working the device automatically shuts down.

Suitable for different kinds of card payment terminals

How Does FinGerm Work?

Step 1

When there are customers around, FinGerm is hidden from the view

Step 2

After payment FinGerm automatically disinfects in 5 seconds

Step 3

FinGerm returns back to the hidden position

See it here in action

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