Misal AeroDream - Portable Runway Threshold Light

Misal Illumination

Portable lighting solution for general aviation and other small airfields. Meets ICAO specifications. Charging case sold separately.

Common Characteristics

1 to 4 18650 Li-Po Batteries, maximum 50 Wh total

Up to 100 hours of continuous use at maximum intensity with 4 batteries

Wireless charging at 3W, maximum charging time 18 hours with 4 batteries

All models have two operating modes, low intensity and high intensity ICAO compliant mode 

Runway Threshold / Runway End / Wing Bar Light (ICAO 5.3.10)

Light Source

1x Osram Opto LV CQBP-JZLX-BD-1, OSLON Signal Series Green 505nm 

1x Osram Opto LJ CKBP-JXKZ-27-1, OSLON Signal Series Red 624nm

Light Output

High Intensity: at least 10cd unidirectional (hemispherical distribution for each color)

Low Intensity: at least 5cd unidirectional (hemispherical distribution for each color)

Equipped with two switches for independent green / red operation, each color with independent low and high intensity mode.

Article in Siivet magazine (In Finnish)

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