Misal AeroDream - Portable Runway Edge Light

Misal Illumination

Portable lighting solution for general aviation and other small airfields. Meets ICAO specifications. Charging case sold separately.

Common Characteristics

1 to 4 18650 Li-Po Batteries, maximum 50 Wh total

Up to 100 hours of continuous use at maximum intensity with 4 batteries

Wireless charging at 3W, maximum charging time 18 hours with 4 batteries

All models have two operating modes, low intensity and high intensity ICAO compliant mode 

Runway Edge (ICAO 5.3.9)

Light Source

1x Osram OSLON Square Giant GW CSSRM2.PM White, 6500K, 160lm/W

Light Output

High Intensity: at least 50cd at 3 degree azimuth

Low Intensity: at least 10cd at 3 degree azimuth

Article in Siivet magazine (In Finnish)

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