STMBL v4.3

Misal Illumination


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Some of the components require soldering but are included.

Component Code Prefixes Quantity
Iram IRAM256-2067A2 U12 1
22uf cap 50PK22MEFC 5*11 C143 1
10µH 1A LQH32PN100MNCL L4, L6 2
RM3.5_1x2 top DB2EK-3.5-2P-GN 3
RM3.5_1x2 bottom DB2ERC-3.5-2P-GN P2, P3, P15 3
RM3.5_1x6 top DB2EK-3.5-6P-GN 3
RM3.5_1x6 bottom DB2ERC-3.5-6P-GN P5, P9 2
RM5.08_1x2 top WJ2EDGK-5.08-2P 1
RM5.08_1x2 WJ2EDGRC-5.08-2P P6 1
RM5.08_1x3 top WJ2EDGK-5.08-3P 1
RM5.08_1x3 WJ2EDGR-5.08-3P P8 1
Ethernet connector RJ45-B-1*1 J1-J3 3
4.7µH 1.5A LQH32PN4R7NNC L5, L12 2
C_Radial_D26_L45_P10 ESMR401VSN271MQ30S C21, C22 2
1m 250mA DT3316P-105 L2 1
STM32F303CBTx STM32F303CBT6 U25 1
ACT4088US-T U4, U13, U27, U28 4

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